Partner with Wert and get
 value added

Integrate Wert in your clients’ projects and and get more than fiat onramp — a partner that can help with compliance, regulations and payments.

Ideal for

Marketing agency

Fast onboarding and compliance go-live for your clients.

Developer studio

Share Wert integration code between your projects.

Venture business

Explore different business or token models and be innovative with fundraising.

What you get

Bulk discounts

Enjoy volume based pricing that scales across all the projects that you launch — impress your clients with the most competitive offering on the market.
Bulk discounts

Free token listing

Enable your clients unique utility tokens in our NFT checkout and build circular economy, get more loyal users and turn them into investors.
Free token listing

Financial incentives

Become an affiliate and receive finder’s fee for every project that choses Wert.

Custom features

For larger partners and clients Wert can priorities features based on your unique needs, so you can ship unique experiences.


Get marketing support though educational events co-hosted by Wert.

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