Fiat onramp that removes the barriers

Enable your users to instantly purchase crypto, deposit fiat or top-up a wallet in without sacrificing your independence from regulators. No deposits, no commissions, sleek UI.
We remove the barriers
  • Instant availability of funds
  • Zero chargeback liability
  • No security deposit, rolling reserve or any upfront fee
  • 198 countries supported
  • Fully managed AML compliance
Apple Pay
Master Card
Google Pay
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What our clients say

“We believe this partnership with Wert is a mutually rewarding collaboration that opens up new horizons for our clients interested in cryptocurrencies.”
Jake Cormack
Jake Cormack
CEO at Changelly
“Wert has been our preferred onramp platform for the past few years and has been crucial in helping us grow our userbase.”
Dmitry Khrustalev
Dmitry Khrustalev
“We're thrilled to work alongside Wert, a company that shares our commitment to user experience and accessible technology.”
George Fox
George Fox
COO at ARC Solutions Ltd

Wert never stores the customer’s crypto or fiat funds. Non-custodian, and supercharged with features that users love ❤️ Just like you!

APIs for good UX

With Wert’s frontend APIs you can pre-fill user data so they don’t have to enter it twice.

Buy crypto in 60 seconds

With Wert's risk based approach users can purchase up to $1000 without uploading any documents. Let your users buy crypto in less than a minute.
Buy crypto in 60 seconds

Perfect for a wallet

Pass all the addresses that user owns, so they do not need to switch back an forth if they want to buy BTC instead of ETH.
Perfect for a wallet

Go live the same day

Setup your account and live test the integration in less than a day. Do not waste time and get going.
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