Pricing and Availability

For your project

Zero fees always
Fiat onramp and NFT checkout are always free in its basic version. We are honoured to work with you and we earn only when you earn.

For your users

4% transactional fee
Payment processing fees are unavoidable and somebody has to pay them. You can cover this fee for your users or split it.

Truly global

Wert provides access to users from more than 
200 countries and counting.

NFT Checkout

Primary, Secondary and p2p sales. Marketplaces are welcome, no seller KYC is needed.

Want to enable your native token? Message us


ETH, Polygon, Tezos, Arbitrum, BSC, Concordium, Base



Fiat onramp

Free and fast onboarding, works on web and mobille. Go live in less than a day.

A foundation behind a blockchain? Message us


ETH, Polygon, Tezos, Bitcoin, Stacks, Arbitrum, BSC, Concordium, Base

Bespoke terms

Token listing

Enable your ERC20 token as a currency of your smart contract and sell NFTs priced in your token. Connect to learn more about available exchange integrations.

Custom blockchain connectivity

We can support any custom blockchain for your project, regardless whether it's EVM or not. It will also include trade listing of its native token in our onramp.

Priority support

Get priority support for your developers and customers during the drop.

White-glove touch

Custom dashboards, conversion optimisation, battle testing prior to going live and many more.
White-glove touch

Feature request re-prioritisation

Assign a higher priority to much needed features from our backlog.

Not sure? 
Consult with an expert

We will answer all your difficult questions.

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